Wormfarming FAQ’S

We asked renowned ecologist and worm farm expert Peter Rutherford, to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive from composters around Australia and the world.

Where can I obtain compost worms?
How can I help my worms eat more?
What shouldn’t I feed my worms?
I’ve had my Tumbleweed Worm Farm for a month now. Why aren’t the worms eating any of my food scraps?
Will I get too many worms?
Can I put compost worms in the garden?
Why aren’t my worms moving up to the top working tray?
Can worms survive severe temperatures?
It’s raining and the worms seem to be gathering in the lid. What do I do?
Are the little white worms in my Tumbleweed Worm Farm baby earthworms?
How do I keep ants out of my Tumbleweed Worm Farm?
Will my Tumbleweed Worm Farm attract flies?
What about maggots?
What about holidays?

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