About Tumbleweed

All our worm farms and compost bins are designed for longevity and manufactured in Australia from Australian sourced recycled plastic. Importantly, they’re supported with user-friendly information to help you and your family have fun and benefit by turning your organic waste into nutritious fertiliser that will bring life to your garden and strong sense of well - being.

The Tumbleweed product range includes award winning fixed and tumbling compost bins; a choice of worm farms to suit different households and living environments, and all the accessories you need for successful worm farming and composting.

Strong, durable and highly functional, you can be sure that your award-winning Tumbleweed product will not only realise the immense benefits of worm farming, but help reduce Co2 emissions by diverting food and green waste from landfill which is currently one the Australian Government key initiatives under the “NATIONAL FOOD WASTE STRATEGY HALVING AUSTRALIA’S FOOD WASTE BY 2030”

At Tumbleweed, we’re committed to recycling, manufacturing in Australia and employing Australian workers.

Award winning compost bins

Our award winning compost bins are light and easy to use. When used with an ergonomically designed Reln Garden Aerator or Compost Maker, you’ll find mixing your compost is absolutely effortless.

Effortless tumbling compost bins

Compost Tumblers have been designed to do all the composting work for you. Simply fill the tumble bin and turn the unit on its axle every two days to mix and aerate your compost. The sturdy steel bar that runs through the middle of the tumbler evenly breaks up heavy clumps of organic waste as it decomposes.

Sleek, fun and funky worm farms

We’ve designed a range of worm farms to suit different households and different needs, all with a unique design to maximise your worm farm’s efficiency and ease of use. Choose from a Can-O-Worms® which is especially designed for children, a Worm Café®, designed for use in your home or on the balcony, or the original Worm Factory® for keen gardeners!

Sustainability and the environment

Did you know… Approximately 45% of household waste and 30% of all the waste Australians throw away is organic and compostable. Throwing organic waste, like food scraps and garden clippings, into the bin is harmful to the environment for more reasons than one:

Valuable council resources are used to collect your waste and drop it into landfill.

Once it’s added to landfill, it decomposes and releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas... and this contributes to groundwater pollution as the acid liquid leachate is released.

It doesn’t need to be this way. Use a compost bin or worm farm in your home and you can compost your organic waste and turn it into nutritious fertiliser to feed our earth.